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Tiny Houses need Big Custom Mattresses

The biggest challenge when designing any tiny house, naturally, is that you want it to seem as big as possible. Creative storage ideas, open floorplans, and alternative use of space in bathrooms and kitchens are big ways to take advantage of every inch of your tiny home. But the sleep spot in your tiny house is just as important as all the awake spots; choose the right custom bed and mattress setup, and it’ll seem as if you created more square footage out of thin air.

And you don’t have to be cramped into an extra-long twin mattress – you can create custom beds so big you’ll wonder how you fit them in the space at all. As one of the main real estate areas within a tiny house, you should put just as must thought into the bed space and its mattress as you put into the kitchen and the storage solutions. Find the right option for your space, and you could be sleeping on a Texas King bed in your 305-square-foot house.

Get Creative with your Sleep Spot: Bespoke Mattresses for Strange Spaces

Before drafting any blueprints, you should know your options when it comes to the types of custom beds you can design, as well as the made-to-measure mattress options for beds with irregular dimensions. We researched some of the most impressive tiny house builds and chose some of our favorite custom sleeping solutions that saved space and often added luxury custom mattresses at the same time.

1. The Ubiquitous Murphy Bed

We’d be remiss not to mention a Murphy bed. It’s a bed and a cabinet! You can’t put books on it when it’s tucked away, or you’ve got a real mess to deal with in the morning. But you can place a CustomFoam mattress on it for when it’s open, and lockable cabinets for accessible storage when it’s closed.

2. All-in-One Custom Bed

People are getting crazy these days, and we’d bet money this idea came from a claustrophobic tenant in a tiny Manhattan apartment. If you only need a full size mattress, this is a spatial solution perfect for small spaces. It's a secretary-style desk that pulls out into a table and can also flip out into an extra tall bed. Depending on the design you go for, you might want your custom mattress made with a hinge for this one.

3. Suspended Pulley Bed

For industrial or industrial-rustic aesthetic, or for people who like feeling like they’re sleeping in a tree house, suspended elevator beds look like a lot of fun. Mounted on a platform that raises and lowers via a heavy-duty pulley system, you can make a custom oversized mattress that’s out of the way and overhead during the day. This means you’re only limited by the dimensions of the open space at your tiny house ceiling. Alberta King bed, anyone?

4. Florida King Bed in a Loft

Tiny house lofts are tricky, because there’s usually a kitchen or living room below them. How high can the loft be without losing too much headroom? How low can it be without having to crouch while you’re cooking dinner below? This is where a custom mattress can do two things for you:

First, you can keep all the foot room you need in the loft but still get a huge bed with the super-wide Florida King mattress.

Second, since the mattress is made custom, you can get a thinner mattress than standard to maximize head space. With high-quality cushion materials, you don’t need 14 inches to get a super-comfy, ergonomic sleep.

5. Custom Hinged Mattresses for Multi-use Storage

This one’s kind of a modern take on a traditional pull out couch bed. Create a built-in platform that can pull out. Then, have a custom mattress made that’s hinged in the middle, or that slides partially under the platform when in couch mode. During the day, keep the built-in closed for a super-comfy bespoke mattress-couch. Pull out the platform section at bedtime and get immediate access to your bed. You can add custom measurements to make a bed that’s extra-long and folds into a larger-than-standard couch. It’s luxury tiny living at its finest.

6. Pullout Couch with Custom Sofa Bed Mattress

While we do love the idea of #5, there’s nothing wrong with a traditional pullout sofa bed itself; the only thing wrong with them is the sofa bed mattress they come with. So if you’re downsizing to a tiny house but have a couch you absolutely cannot part with, consider having a custom pullout mattress made for it. Get all the luxury of memory foam construction and custom cotton sheets, and also keep your favorite couch in your new tiny space.

7. Slide-Under Beds

Many tiny house residents design half-lofts to create separate spaces without losing the open-concept every tiny house needs. If you’re planning a half-loft platform, consider dedicating part of it to a built-in pullout platform for a mattress. Then surround the rest with storage. You can cover the foot of the custom bed in dummy cabinet doors. During the day, you have access to all that floor space, and your half-wall of cabinets looks clean. Then, when it’s time for bed, you can pull out your made-to-measure custom mattress you had made to fit the platform.

This one’s the perfect option to make you think, Hey, if I do this, I can pull off a standard mattress size. And you’d be right to think that. But to truly optimize that space and make your sleep spot the priority, push those platform measurements as big as you can go and have a custom mattress maker create a mattress to those dimensions. With a custom bed and custom bedding, you can likely squeeze more bed space in there than with the closest-fitting standard size and get that luxury sleep experience you want.

8. Hammock Loft Beds

Have you thought about a hammock, though? Not a hammock hammock; some tiny housers are adding webbed safety net hammocks to their loft spaces. They’re flexible, taut, net “floors” that give just a little bit when you lay or sit on them. They open up light in a tiny house, and they’re a fun, bohemian, treehouse vibe. What’s more, have a custom loft mattress in your loft and then dedicate some of the space at the foot of the bet to a safety net hammock, and you’ve got a guest bed and a reading spot in one.

See? Creating a luxurious bedroom situation in a tiny house isn’t as hard as it seems up front; you just have to get creative with how you use your space. And also to find that right custom mattress manufacturer for the mattress hand-tailored for your sleep space.

Making the Most out of Your Tiny House Sleep

Why are we harping on the importance of making your bed the center of relaxation it should be? Because in a tiny house, perhaps more than anywhere else, feeling like there are separate spaces within the space is important. It helps you not feel cramped. Your bedroom is one of those important spaces to separate in your mind and routine.

1. Prioritize your Sleep Space with a Custom Tiny House Mattress

Don’t create a custom house and skip the custom mattress. With a custom-made memory foam mattress, you can get deep, comfy sleep in any place that can hold a mattress. Custom mattress-makers can do almost anything to a mattress since they’re made bespoke:

  • Cut corners

  • Rounded corners

  • Irregular shapes

  • Round beds

  • Hinged mattresses

  • Construction material options

  • Matching custom bed linens

Having a custom mattress factory make a bed specifically for your space ensures you have the room and the resources to make your tiny house bedroom into the retreat it should be.

2. Keep Your Bed a Place for Bedtime Only

Separation of spaces within your open-concept tiny house is important cognitively, especially if you work from home and spend all your time in your tiny house. So, if you have a day where you just feel like crap, don’t do it in bed – go slug around on the couch. Likewise with naps; daytime activities (or lack thereof) are for awake spaces. And, while working from bed can be positive for some people, we wouldn’t recommend it in a tiny house. Keep your bedroom purely for sunset-to-sunrise sleeping.

3. Make the Sleep Space Light and Airy with Custom Cotton Bedding

Don’t go to all the trouble of making a dreamy retreat out of your tiny house bedroom, custom-made mattress and all, to drop the ball at the one yard line. The mattress-maker who created your bespoke bed can also make fitted sheets and bed linens custom fit for it. And all the high-quality, eco-friendly materials that went into your comfy custom mattress? That same technique is applied to the custom, 600-thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets and bedding they can make to fit your new mattress like a glove.

Soft cotton sheets, a big, luxurious bed, and a few accessories like lanterns or incense, and your bedroom will be the most well-loved space in your tiny house. You might have trouble following Rule #2. Oh, well.


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