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What is an Olympic Queen Mattress?

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

If you’ve never heard of an Olympic queen mattress, you’re not alone. A queen-size mattress is a queen-size mattress, right? Nope. And Olympic queen beds aren’t the only queen custom-sized mattress – there’s also something called a California queen mattress. Yes, you read that right. There’s also short queen mattresses for RVs. But this post isn’t about those queen-size custom mattresses, it’s about Olympic queen beds. So, what are they? Let’s get on with it.

An Olympic queen bed is 66”x80”, as opposed to the standard queen of 60”x80”. So Olympic queen mattresses are ½ a foot wider than a regular queen mattress. Does 6 inches really make a difference? Well, custom mattress manufacturers sure think so! While you may never have heard the term “Olympic queen bed,” plenty of people choose these custom sized mattresses every day. If you’re wondering why, here’s what -

Why Would I Choose an Olympic Queen Bed over a Regular Queen Bed?

Any couple who’s slept on a regular queen-size bed will probably tell you that an extra 6 inches of space sounds like a dream. Queens are probably the most commonly-bought of the standard mattress sizes (T, F, Q, K), but many people opt for a king when they can. Sometimes that isn’t an option, though. If you’ve got a smaller master bedroom that can easily accommodate a queen but would be crowded with a king, an Olympic queen bed is the best of both worlds. It allows you to enjoy the benefits of a larger bed without overwhelming the room. You can comfortably save space with this slightly smaller mattress.

Despite this, an Olympic Queen bed can contribute to creating a spacious feel within your bedroom. The extra width of an Olympic Queen mattress compared to a standard queen can provide a visually balanced look in your bedroom. When a bed fits well within the room's dimensions, it makes the entire space feel harmonious and well-proportioned.

The spaciousness doesn't just refer to physical space but also to how the room feels. With an Olympic Queen bed, there's a sense of openness, and it can make your bedroom feel less cramped. This can have a positive impact on your mood and comfort in the room with just 6 extra inches of bed. You have more room to grow into this bed than your typical queen bed while not overwhelming your space with a king.

Olympic Queens are A Common RV Mattress Size

Another fun fact about Olympic queen beds is that they’re actually a really common choice for luxury RV mattresses. If you’re updating your RV bed and you think you can squeeze a king memory foam mattress in there, consider an Olympic queen memory foam mattress instead.

RV beds are almost always atypical, so springing for a custom made mattress for your RV like an Olympic queen mattress isn’t the worst idea. After all, don’t you want to get as comfy and as close to feeling at-home as possible while you’re on the road?

The other pro about this semi-obscure custom size bed is that, at the end of the day, an Olympic queen mattress doesn’t cost much more than its standard queen counterpart. So if you’ve got the room in your bedroom - why not?

How do I Find Linens for a Custom Size Bed like Olympic Queens?

The next natural concern about purchasing any custom made or custom sized mattress is, of course, the linens. And when you’re dealing with these weird, in-between sizes like the Olympic queen mattress, it’s not exactly simple to find what you need in a big-box bedding store. You could technically get away with using standard king-size bed linens for an Olympic queen bed, but you’ll constantly be dealing with slipping corners of a fitted sheet that isn’t… fitted.

The good news is that any decent custom mattress manufacturer who makes Olympic queen beds should also make custom bedding to fit. Even more good news: Custom Mattress Factory totally does that. We’ll make you luxurious Egyptian cotton bed linens customized to fit your custom Olympic queen mattress, even if we didn’t make your mattress for you. Same goes for bed frames. We manufacture bed frames for custom size mattresses of all kinds – even for crazy styles like round beds and extra-long mattresses. Voila! Problem solved.


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