Why You Need Custom Sheets In Your Life

Updated: Mar 31

The Many Benefits of Custom Sheets

Have you ever unpacked an expensive set of sheets you ordered from a store online only to realize that for some reason they don’t fit the size of your perfectly standard mattress? Or worse, the 800+ thread count sheets match your mattress initially, but stretch or tear after the first wash, at which point they may not even be returnable. Whether you have a wonderful custom mattress that regular sheets won’t won’t fit, or you are just sick of buying and returning sheets that don’t work with your bed, the solution is simple: custom sheets.

Characteristics of a good fit

People with extra long mattresses or extra thick mattresses due to the added height of a foam mattress topper may find that the fitted sheet or flat sheet are not sufficiently deep or long enough.When you have the right set of sheets, the corners of the fitted sheet will not lift or pop off during the night, even if you are an active sleeper. The flat sheet should comfortably rise over you and your partner’s shoulders while staying tucked underneath the mattress at the foot of the bed.

Benefits of high thread-count cotton sheets

Ordering custom sheets gives you a far higher guarantee that your sheets will not only be high-quality, but that they will match your specific preferences. There are many guides to buying the perfect sheets available on the internet, but the consensus is that cotton sheets are the best. Cotton is naturally cooling and soft, and great cotton sheets should become even softer after each wash. While there are debates about the best thread count for luxurious sheets, high quality sheets should typically have a thread count of at least 500 to guarantee your sheets have the softest feeling possible.

Custom needs for unique beds

If you have invested in a custom mattress with a fun shape, such as a round mattress or a mattress with notched corners, good custom sheets ensure that the luxury of your mattress is matched and complemented by the quality of your sheets. If you have a standard mattress but regular sheets have proven to be problematic, perhaps because of a mattress pad or other adjustments you have made, then custom sheets will end the cycle of buying and returning sheets for good. Instead, you can measure your mattress at home, send in the dimensions, and receive high-quality custom sheets from Custom Mattress Factory that were made just for you.

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