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Wait – Airplanes Have Beds?

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

It used to be that getting decent rest in an airplane was just not a possibility. After all, a century ago people were sat in literal wicker chairs on flights. The coolest thing to happen to airplane seating in the 1920’s? Alligator-skin-clad seats that reclined. So, at the end of the day, those cramped, half-recliner seats in coach are, like, insanely better than how we started.

And as far as private planes go, people started out boujee and just kept going from there. Many private planes have cabins that look like a living room in a fancy house. And nowadays, in luxury commercial flights and private planes alike, people are engineering actual beds for airplanes. Not just reclining, lie-flat seats – actual airplane beds with actual airplane mattresses. It’s a thing.

Qatar Airlines is usually at the forefront of fancy commercial flying, and their larger planes now offer tiny cabins for each passenger, with “room” separators, end tables, TV and a bed… in a plane. They tend to take their cues from the lavish private jets of the monetary elite.

So, if you’re lucky enough to own a plane big enough to consider a luxury update like a cabin with one or more airplane beds, you picked the right time. Custom mattress manufacturers like us are actually really experienced in finding airplane mattress solutions for private charters that are stylish, comfortable, space-saving and functional.

What Kind of Beds for Airplanes are There?

There are several ways to get a bed into your plane, and the possibilities really depend on (1) how much space you have in the plane, and (2) how you want to use that space:

  • Inflatable airplane mattresses are a good option for those who don’t really have room for any type of bed solution. Like a regular air mattress, you inflate it when you want to sleep and deflate and store it when you don’t. It’s not exactly ideal, but it’s a fast and cheap solution.

  • Lie-flat airplane seats are a great way to have a double duty seat/bed. They’re space-saving and convenient. However, we all know even the nicest recliner isn’t as nice as a pillowy mattress.

  • Two-seat solutions for airplane beds are fairly common in medium-size private planes. This is where two seats facing each other either adjust to create one sleep surface, or are augmented with another piece to achieve the same thing.

  • Think about those beds in RVs where you move a table and slide a hinged mattress from a sofa position to a sleeping position – it’s a lot like that. The coolest version of this, which you admittedly need more space for, is two divans (read: fancy word for couch) that essentially act as partnered sofa bed mattresses. Those can be custom-sized all the way up to a king.

  • Hinged mattresses for airplane beds are an interesting and smart choice for people who want their sleeping space to convert to a living space when they’re awake. A hinged, made to measure foam mattress is almost like a sofa bed mattress (but fancier, of course); it allows your plane’s bed to function as a sleep space and as a sitting space when unfolded or folded, respectively. This is another great space-conscious option that still gives you the comfortable sleep an actual mattress on a bed provides.

  • What we see a lot on high-end commercial flights are mini cabins, with airplane beds that are about the size of your typical day bed, surrounded by separators or a curtain to give each passenger privacy. This is great for commercial flights, but a little less necessary/optimal for private plane situations.

  • The highest step you can take with airplane beds is the apex of luxury flying. Some private planes are actually converted airliners. They’re big enough to accommodate not only a sitting area, but a bar, kitchen, bathroom with a shower, and a whole room for a bed, with walls and everything. You can have airplane mattresses made that are king-sized and sit in a typical bed frame you’d find in a typical bedroom. People do it. At that point, it’s like, why not just live full-time in the plane? Who needs a house anyway?

How Should I Choose the Best Mattress for my Plane’s Bed?

Choosing the best mattress for your airplane depends on several factors. How much space do you have? How much space do you want your sleep area to take up? Will you need your custom airplane mattress to have cut corners or a notch to accommodate the irregular shapes of plane cabin walls? Should you have your custom mattress made of memory foam or latex?

If your airplane sleeping space is big enough to be considered a bedroom but still kind of cramped, should you think about other custom sizes like a short queen mattress? You could even take a page from antique bed mattresses and have a ¾ mattress made. There are so many variables that the possibilities are vast, but in the end it all comes down to what you want your airplane bed to be.

Which Custom Mattress Manufacturer Should I Choose?

When looking for specialty beds for luxury vehicles – we’re talking mattresses for RV beds, mattresses for yacht beds, and, of course, mattresses for airplane beds – you want to choose a custom mattress manufacturer who creates bespoke mattresses that are made-to-order. Why? Because not only is your space unique, but so are your preferences and needs.

At Custom Mattress Factory, we use heritage techniques to create any and all of our customers’ custom mattress orders. We use only high-end materials like natural latex, custom foam and custom memory foam with eco-friendly cotton toppers. The strangest mattress possibility you can think up in your head? Chances are we’ve made it before… probably a few times.

Our mattress makers are expert craftsmen who live and work in the US. And they’re not only experts at custom mattresses of all kinds – they can also craft luxury bedding that fits your airplane mattress like a glove. If you’re looking for the perfect company to create a mattress for your plane’s bed that’s going to change the way you think about sleeping in the sky, we’re the ones to choose.


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