Don’t Settle For A Bad RV Mattress

Updated: Jan 2

Getting a good RV mattress is vital to having a positive RV living experience, but vehicles often have space & weight limitations. A custom or luxury RV mattress can save space without sacrificing quality & comfort.

Can’t Find the Perfect RV Mattress? Customize Your Own!

While RVs and camper vans have become increasingly popular with millennials, new owners often think their regular mattresses will work fine in their rig, not realizing that a typical commercial mattress is too heavy, and that RV mattresses are made to be much lighter for a reason. Or, even more commonly, a new RV owner finds out their mattress doesn’t fit the unique size and shape of their vehicle at all!

Sleeping in an RV or camper doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice your comfort for space, and sleeping well at night shouldn’t be a luxury. If you are still sleeping on the mattress that came with your RV or are looking to buy an RV mattress for the very first time, consider customizing your own!

Whether you have an RV, camper van, motor-home, or toy hauler, a custom mattress can revolutionize your living space. A lightweight but durable mattress cut to your exact specifications, taking into consideration your preference for firmness, height, support, and shape will allow you to maximize room whilst ensuring you get the best night’s sleep possible.

RV’s have notoriously odd mattress size requirements. For example, an RV Queen sized mattress is the same width as a standard Queen mattress, but with a much shorter length. Not to mention the many, MANY different RV bunk bed sizes. This makes going to a regular mattress store for an RV mattress impossible, but luckily there are custom mattress makers that can create unique sizes and shapes!

When creating a custom RV mattress, it’s important to remember that the weight of a mattress matters far more in an RV than in a house, so you should pay extra special attention to the materials you choose for your mattress. Foam mattresses are the most lightweight after air mattresses (and are far more comfortable), making them easy to flip and clean regularly.

A great customized bed for your van should not require a box spring and should come with at least a 10 year warranty (at Custom Mattress Factory, we have a 15 Year Warranty!). In order for a mattress to fit perfectly into the sometimes awkwardly shaped nooks and crannies of your vehicle, take advantage of a cut corner or round corner to ensure your mattress fits snugly. With a custom mattress, your creativity is the limit, so consider even more unique options like a hinge mattress.

Interested in learning more about RV Mattresses? Check out the RV mattresses we have available at Custom Mattress Factory, and while you’re at it, learn about getting custom sheets to go along with your new RV mattress!

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