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Everything You Need to Know About Custom RV Mattresses

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

When purchasing a recreational vehicle or trailer, one of the last things people think about is about the mattress that they’ll sleeping on during their various road trips. RV manufacturers seldom pay attention to the bed, mass producing them, providing owners a simple mattress. These stock RV beds rarely cater to individual sleeping needs.

While on the road, it’s important to get a good night’s sleep – it’ll keep you well rested and relaxed while you conquer the open road. If your current RV mattress is giving you trouble, it’s important to have that issue resolved sooner rather than later.

But where do you buy an RV bed? The larger mattress industry isn’t focused on recreational vehicle beds, which can make it difficult to find a proper product. And if a company does happen to have beds for recreational vehicles, chances are that they’re cheap and don’t promote proper sleep hygiene.

Mattress Stores Don’t Cater to RV Owner Needs

Chances are you can’t waltz into your local mattress store and buy an RV bed. Why? Because of the irregular sizing and niche market. Are RV mattress sizes different? That all depends on the vehicle that you have but, in most cases, the answer is yes. But that doesn’t mean quality RV beds are a myth. You can easily get a great RV bed from the right retailor.

The thickness of the mattresses of the bed won’t be affected, just the dimensions in order to fit into various setups. What this means is that it will have the attributes you know and are comfortable with in your regular mattress, just in a slightly different standardized form factor. As a result, the traits of your regular mattress are what you’ll be looking for in an RV mattress.

There are Specialty RV Bed Sizes You Just Won’t Find in Store

When it comes to outfitting your RV with the perfect mattress, options like the short queen are ideal due to their space-saving dimensions. Measuring 60 x 75 inches, it fits snugly in the compact sleeping quarters of an RV. You won't find sizes like a short queen bed for RVs in your typical brick-and-mortar mattress store.

Traditional mattress retailers will just carry standard sizes designed for residential use. To find the right RV mattress, you'll need to explore specialty mattress retailers, online vendors, or RV supply stores. You can discover the perfect mattress that maximizes comfort and saves space in your RV. You can ensure a restful and enjoyable journey on the road by going with a custom mattress.

The Importance of a Custom-Made RV Mattress

How amazing would it be to have an RV bed made of foam that you can sink into? Or even better: a RV King-sized memory foam mattress that’s suited exactly to your needs in terms of length, size, and material firmness?

Open yourself up to online retailers and specialty stores that cater to RV owners, and you’ll find tons more options. You’ll be able to find reviews of people using similar mattresses and be able to have the measurements on hand to ensure that whatever you buy will fit your RV. Ensuring a proper fit is important and balancing that with your personal requirements can be difficult thus making a custom fit mattress will often be your best bet.

Just like your mattress at home, an RV mattress can be custom sized, shaped and fitted to your RV’s setup, but also your personal preferences. You may not use your RV mattress every day, which is exactly why you should consider a custom-made bed. You want to enjoy your precious time on the road or at your camp as much as you can without worrying about the aches and sleepless night that tour stock mattress is giving you.

Where To Get a Custom RV Bed

Getting a custom bed in this day and age is easier than ever thanks to the internet. An RV bed on the other hand? It can be difficult to find experts who know just how crucial mattresses are to an RV’s setup, which is why we recommend you consider custom mattress makers who specialize in RV beds. The Custom Mattress Factory has been making custom RV beds for years and has a dedicated portal that makes buying mattresses easier than ever.

Simply pick the mattress style that you would like and input the measurements you’d like and voila: a custom-made RV mattress will be sent to you.


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