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Make Your RV Bedroom Feel Like Home on the Road

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

When you’re travelling cross-country in your RV or converted van, the only thing you should be yearning for is your next adventure. The whole idea of mobile homes is to make travelling more compact and convenient. And half the term “mobile home” is “home.” So don’t hold yourself back from enjoying your trip by longing for the little comforts of home that you had to leave behind. Instead, bring them with you! Everything from your personalized bedroom to your kitchen needs to feel perfect.

Obviously, there are things to consider in your RV’s living space besides the bedroom and other sleep spaces. But, to be honest, the beds and mattresses in your mobile home might be two of the most important components to a successful adventure that far surpasses even glamping. Here, we’ve outlined a list of simple things you can do to make your RV bedroom feel just as comfy and cozy as the one in your actual home. In fact, after you make these changes, we can’t guarantee you’ll ever want to leave it.

Lighting Sets the Mood; Choose the Mood You Want

Add warm lighting. When you’re at home, chances are you don’t sit in bed with the overhead light on. The same should go for your RV’s sleep spots. Invest in table-side lamps that have soft, diffusing lighting, and you could always make lights around the RV beds dimmable. This will help you wind down after a long day of driving or exciting adventures. When going to sleep in your RV, you want to sink into your mattress with the right ambience and comforts that you get at home.

On the opposite side of the coin, we do need to keep our circadian rhythm on-track. Consider daylight bulbs for the overhead lights in the bathroom, kitchen and living areas. Little changes like daylight to yellow light can help tell your body it’s time to sleep and recover from that 8-mile hike you did that day. There’s little that beats going to bed after a long day on the road, make sure your lighting supports your sleep habits.

Plants Can Breathe Life into A Dry Room

Freshen up the room with plants. Having plants in the bedroom not only helps clean and circulate the air; it makes you feel rooted. Get it? Rooted. If you’re looking for a plant that can really filter the air, though, go for a spider plant. They absorb odors and fumes you’ll pick up on the road, and release oxygen that promotes better sleep. Keeping any sort of air freshener near your bed on a table will help with your sleep at night. You never know what smells you’ll come across on the road, and you’ll want to keep your RV bedroom free of anything intrusive that could keep you up at night.

And if you have a shower next to the RV’s back bedroom, consider hanging eucalyptus from the shower head; it’s good for odors, and when it’s exposed to steam it has great effects on your sinuses and your mood.

A New Coat of Paint Makes a World of Difference

Repaint the room and make it yours. The color of your bedroom can greatly affect your mood and change the entire feeling of a space. And since you’re dealing with such a confined area, color is even more important. Many times, people want their smaller RV bedrooms to feel big, so they paint them white. But the problem with white is that it can feel sterile, and sometimes it actually makes the room feel smaller. Consider matching your bedsheets or even getting customized bedsheets to match a new color.

We suggest opting for neutrals in lighter colors. For example, a blue-gray is soothing and will make white cabinets pop. And a sandy color with cool undertones can counteract warm, wooden shelving and make the space feel more modern. If you love the color of your bedroom at home, paint this one the same; it’ll subconsciously remind you of sleeping at home. The less you think about in bed, the better your sleep will be. Top it off with matching custom bedding and a custom memory foam mattress, and we’re well on our way to creating an RV bedroom that’s just as nice as the one at home.

Spare No Expense on Your Bedding

Treat yourself luxury bedding. Everywhere. At the end of a long day, your bedroom is the place where you’ll recharge and relax, and your bedding goes a long way in helping you do so. We suggest investing in high thread count cotton sheets that will feel luxurious but allow breathability. You should also opt for a cotton quilt for those warmer months and a down blanket with a pretty-patterned duvet for the cooler months. The down might cost you a little more, but it will ensure you’re always the right temperature -- never too hot or cold.

Choose Calming Colours for Your Bedsheets

Another factor to consider when choosing luxury bedding for your RV is the color and design. You want your bedding to not only feel good but also look good and match your personal style. As we mentioned, custom bedding in calming colors such as light blues, greens, or even neutrals like beige or gray. These colors can help promote a peaceful and relaxing environment in your bedroom. You may want to choose bedding with a design that fits your personal taste, whether it's a subtle floral pattern or a bold geometric design. Whatever your preference, the right bedding can transform your bedroom into a haven of comfort and style.

And it’s not just your back bedroom mattress that needs custom, luxury linens; there’s the convertible dinette, fold-out couch, cabin loft, and maybe even a couple bunk beds that need non-standard size/shape bedding you can’t find in stores. Easy fix: if you’re worried about the sheets not fitting your custom-size RV mattresses, ask your custom mattress manufacturer about making sheets fit specifically for the RV mattress they made for you. It will be well worth the investment.

A New Mattress Can Completely Change Your Sleep Quality

Spring for a custom RV mattress. Many RV owners settle for the mattress that came with their camper, assuming it will be too difficult and expensive to find a custom-sized mattress. But today, investing in a tailor-made mattress for your RV’s sleep spots is easier and more affordable than ever. In just a matter of days, you can have your mattress sized and customized -- ensuring it fits in your built-in bed and provides you with the best night sleep.

A custom RV mattress can also provide benefits beyond just a good night's sleep. For people with back pain, a custom mattress can be designed to provide the necessary support. You may need something firmer than what came out of the box in the RV. It can also be made with hypoallergenic materials for if you suffer from allergies. No worse way to take a day off an RV trip than for allergies. A personalized RV mattress can also be made with materials that regulate temperature giving you a more consistent rest.

Your New RV Bed, Made for Your Needs

Choose from a variety of sizes and materials -- from custom foam for those who want more support, memory foam with cooling technology for those who like the cold side of the pillow and pocket coil for a traditionally-firm feel without the sagging. Then there’s also the dorm-style mattresses you need for the bunk beds, a hinged one for the dinette, a fold-out sofa bed mattress for the couch, and a cute custom foam mattress for the bed above the cabin space. No more kids fighting over who’s stuck with the hard sleep on the dinette table, or who has to try not to fall out of the loft bed each night.

With custom-size mattresses and matching luxury linen sets, every sleep spot in the RV is going to offer max comfort at the end of each day. Not to mention that crawling out of your RV bed in the morning becomes an easy feat without sore shoulders or a cricked back that a standard RV mattress causes.

For Your Bedroom to be Perfect, Your Bed Needs to Come First

All of these tips are important for making a mobile bedroom into a place you’d love to stay. But your RV bed is definitely the most important factor in your room’s comfortability; after all, it usually takes up, like, 90% of the bedroom. You need your bed to be both comfortable while helping you save space.

The best thing (besides being comfy) about springing for a custom RV mattress is that you can make it into any configuration you want. And these ideas don’t just apply to RV beds; size down all these tips and you’ll quickly see they work for the sleep space(s) in converted vans as well! Custom mattresses for vans have more in common with RV beds than you’d think.

Sometimes a Shorter Mattress Can Help Your Space

A short queen RV mattress is a game-changer when it comes to optimizing the bed space in your RV. Measuring 60 x 75 inches, it offers a comfortable sleeping surface while being 5 inches shorter than a standard queen mattress. This size reduction may seem modest, but in the confined quarters of an RV, this bed’s size makes a world of difference.

By choosing a short queen mattress, you gain extra space for maneuvering inside your RV, creating a more open and functional living area. Whether it's a compact motorhome or a cozy travel trailer, every inch counts. With a short queen mattress, you use your RV space without worry. You can easily access storage compartments and enjoy a more spacious and versatile interior. They're the perfect mattress solution for saving space.

Moreover, a short queen RV mattress doesn't sacrifice comfort. They help ensure a restful night's sleep while maximizing the utility of your RV's limited square footage. It's a practical choice that combines comfort and space efficiency for a more enjoyable and functional RV experience.

Any Bed Size is Possible for Your RV with Custom Mattress Makers

We at Custom Mattress Factory can make RV mattresses of any size, shape, depth or material - so you can consider changing up the layout of the whole bedroom if you want. We can make anything from custom radius beds to short queen mattresses for RVs, to hinged mattresses that let you access under-bed storage. We even make Airstream mattresses. So next time you plan a trip in your RV, van, or Airstream, think about your RV more like you think of your home. The possibilities are endless; it just takes a little creative thinking.

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