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Custom RV Mattresses

We create comfortable replacement mattresses for your motor-home, Airstream, travel trailer, pop-up camper, toy hauler, and so much more! Need a dual height, hinge, or custom corner? No problem!

RV mattress

The Levi RV Mattress

From $285 | Save $50 at checkout.

Treat yourself to The Levi RV Mattress. Enjoy a sleeping surface of rich organic cotton that is quilted for maximum comfort and pressure relief.

RV mattresses

The Grayson RV Mattress

From $475 | Save $100 at checkout.

This beautifully handcrafted mattress is designed using the finest eco-friendly materials and the most exclusive quilted organic cotton fabric, making the desire to touch it and curl up irresistible.

Custom RV Mattress

The Kinsley RV Mattress

From $620 | Save $100 at checkout.

Handcrafted with layer upon layer of the world's finest materials to provide maximum pressure relief, extraordinary support, and unsurpassed comfort. Inside you'll find luxurious cashmere, organic cotton, and Natural latex; materials that cradle the body in total lavishness.

camper mattress

On the Road

Tune in to a curated playlist of our favorite road trip anthems.

rv mattress

Need a Hinged RV Mattress? We’ve Got Your Back!

We can add a hinge to any of our RV mattresses to better fit your RV bed. Our mattress crafting process is fully flexible and allows us to place a hinge horizontally or vertically anywhere you need. For an additional $150, you can transform any RV mattress into a one-of-a-kind hinged RV mattress.

To take advantage of this option and discover more details, give us a call and talk to one of our friendly product experts.

Want a Dual-Height RV Mattress With a Hinge? No Problem!

If you are looking for a dual height mattress for your RV, it can now come with a hinge. We are among a few manufacturers to handcraft a dual-height hinged RV mattress to create the ultimate comfort on the road.

Upgrading to a dual height mattress costs $50, and all orders must be placed by phone. Feel free to give us a call and talk to one of our friendly product experts.

folding hinged rv mattress

Need Custom Corners on Your RV Mattress? It’s Our Specialty.

Whether it's a cut corner RV mattress, radius corner RV mattress, or notched corner RV mattress, we can make it! We can customize any number of corners you need, from a single one to all of them. The price is $25 per customized corner of your RV mattress.

All custom corner RV mattresses must be ordered by phone. Give us a call, and one of our friendly product experts will help you with more details.

RV Mattress With Notched Corner

Notched Corner

Radius Corner

Radius Corner

Cut Corner

Angled Corner

"This is the best custom RV mattress we've ever slept on"

Jenn & Caleb

Ready for Bed?

Shop our custom RV mattresses today to experience your best sleep yet - no matter where you are.

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